Alcalas avenged his five-set victory over Djokovic to win Wimbledon

2023 Warm net (warm Bourdon tennis Tournament) men’s singles final hit, and on both sides are Serbia’s king Djokovic and Spain’s “00” star Alcalas.

Alcalas and Djokovic are the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in the tournament. Alkaras now has 7,675 points and Djokovic has 7,595. Whoever wins the title will be the No. 1 men’s singles in the ATP next week.

The last time the two sides met at a Grand Slam was in the French Open semifinals last month, when Djokovic overcame the young Alcalas 3-1.

After winning the French Open, the Serb did not participate in any grass events, but still displayed a strong control on the grass of Warm Bourdon, overcoming Kachin, Thompson, Wawrinka, Hulkac, Lubsler and Sinna to reach his ninth warm Open men’s singles final.

Alcalas, who is 16 years younger than him, was equally impressive, overcoming Chardy, Alexander, Muller, Jari, Beretini and Rune, and eliminating the third seed Medved woman in straight sets in the semifinals.

As soon as the match broke, Djokovic made quick progress, breaking his opponent’s two service games in a row to lead 4-0 and eventually winning the first set 6-1.

In the second set, Alcarras situation has been resolved, and the collar has been cashed in and broken, 2-0. After Djo also a save a break, levelled the score. Then both sides of the score to settle down, into a tiebreak. In the tiebreak, Djokovic’s backhand repeatedly failed to show his partner. Alcarras won the tiebreak 8-6.

Alcalas became more and more courageous in the third set, while Djokovic showed no obvious physical decline and partner cuts. After several rounds of frustration, Alcarras won the third set 6-1, a big break of 2-1.

Fourth set, both sides all the way to 2-2. In the fifth game, Djokovic cashed in on the sticking point. The Serb then won three games in a row to drag the match to a deciding set.

In the fifth set, Alcalas was the first to cash in the break, while remaining strong in his lead game, and finally won the deciding set 6-4.

In the end, Alcalas overcame Djokovic 3-2 and lost to the 2023 warm net men’s singles champion.

In addition to the women’s doubles final, which was only broken after the men’s singles final, the other titles of the warm Net have been decided: the women’s singles champion has been lost by Vandrosova, and this is the first time that non-seeded players have won the Warm Net women’s singles championship trophy.

In the mixed doubles final, Xu Yifan and her partner Friedgen lost to the 7th seed L. Chichenok/Pavic group and lost to the runner-up; Kurhoufu/Skupski lost the men’s doubles title.

For the first time this year, nine Chinese land players entered the main event: Zhang Zhizhen and Wu Yibing entered the men’s singles main event, and Zheng Qinwen, Zhu Lin, Zhang Shuai, Wang Xiyu, Wang Xinyu, Yuan Yue and Bai Zhuoxuan participated in the women’s singles main event.

In the end, Wang Xinyu and Bai Zhuoxuan advanced to the top 64 of women’s singles, and the other 7 stopped at the first round.

From the bonus point of view, the veteran Zhang Shuai has the most achievements. Although the first round was stopped, the Zhang Shuai group broke into the top 4 women’s doubles. As a result, Zhang Shuai can get a total bonus of 130,000 pounds (about 1.215,300 yuan).

Followed by the disjointing click of the second round of Wang Xinyu and Bai Zhuoxuan, they each achieved 85,000 pounds (about 794,600 yuan) bonus. The remaining 6 people can also get the first round of the click 55,000 pounds (about 514,200 yuan) prize.

After the end of the warm net, only the last Grand Slam left this year, the US Open. According to the schedule, the US Open will be held from August 28 to September 10, local time in the United States.


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